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Journey back into SWISSTA's history to catch a glimpse of the constant innovation, commitment to quality, and focus on customer need, that have made SWISSTA the benchmark for naturally pure drinking water in RDC.



A quote by which living organism lives by. Water is essential for living as much as oxygen and is required for doing even basic chores.

Water helps you stay fit and slimmer

Drink Water, Stay Slimmer. Yes, Water is not just a means to stay hydrated, but also contains health factor. It is scientifically proven that drinking water can be beneficial as it helps you in getting into shape.



Bid farewell to stress by a glass of water every hour. Get a hold on purified drinking water and let your worries flush down the toilet. Water is a nature’s way of saying that it cares and it is now your choice to say to your body, that you care. Get your hands-on no.1 mineral water in Kinshasa, democratic republic of Congo, Africa, as dehydration leads to increased levels in stress resulting in many unpleasant effects and outcomes. Drink now and lower your stress by letting out all the harmful wastes from your body. Take a break, Drink Water. Be positive, Be Healthy!
Our Body consists of 70% water. The more you Drink Water, the more enhanced your performance gets when it comes to exercise. Purified drinking water helps you destress, hydrate and increases your efficiency. Water aids the blood transport oxygen by refuelling energy into the body. Always keep bottled drinking water to avoid heatstroke and heat exhaustion. Purified drinking water keeps your metabolism up to date with your body, mind and heart working towards achieving a healthier life

Most Doctors recommend water as the medicine which the more you take, the faster the bad things will leave your body. The more hydrated you are, the more you stay energized. Water helps us in numerous ways by acting as a lubricant around your muscle and joints by protecting you from cramping and sore muscles. Water helps in toning up your body by increasing the resistance level during your weight loss stage. Buy purified drinking water from the mineral water Company in Kinshasa, democratic republic of Congo and live longer and happier.
Water is the best medicine for your skin, it provides you with beautiful skin and a healthy body. Water is the center for everything and can be used in many ways. Water backs you from inside out. It reduces your wrinkles, improves your complexion, helps in healing, slows aging, reduces pores or blemishes or acne from your skin, reduces itchiness, tightens skin when you are losing weight and above all keeps your skin healthy and fresh by maintaining pH balance. So, where ever you are, drink and if you are travelling, carry bottled drinking water or packed drinking water 700ml.
Life comes with unforeseen events, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready for it. Always be ready to tackle your problems with eating and drinking properly and regularly. Drink Water every hour and keep hydrating yourself, to avoid getting collapsed or frustrated with work. Travel with mineral drinking water and always drink purified water. If you tend to forget, keep a reminder of drinking water every hour on your phone, that way you will be hydrated, keeping your skin and body healthy and young. Drink Water and avoid constipation as Elvis Presley did.
With time, Water has proved it has many magical applications that can aid the humans and why water is something which we won’t be able to replace ever. Doctors and Science say that purified drinking water reduces kidney stones as the water contains calcium and magnesium which are considered therapeutic agents. Mineral Drinking water has the ability to break kidney stones in half and let them out through urine faster and easier. drinking water is recommended even more to stop kidney stones from happening as frequent urination means that the stone-causing minerals have less opportunity to settle and bond in the kidneys and urinary tract.'
You can survive without food for months but without water, you cannot. Water is a necessity around which our whole world revolves. The doctor recommends you to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water every day to avoid fatigue, stress, stroke or exhaustion. Water helps to recover all the energy your body lost by helping you regain them again. Water carries nutrients to your body and oxygen to your brain, leaving you positive and stress-free. Water also flushes out the toxins and waste and regulates your body temperature. Don’t forget safe drinking water from no.1 mineral water in Kinshasa, DR Congo, Africa.


SWISSTA began the "Drink Pure & Stay Healthy" revolution with an ambitious dream in mind; that an every person around RDC, irrespective of geographical barriers or economic limitations, has un-interrupted access to naturally pure as well as scientifically approved drinking water.


What makes us the leading brand of mineral water in RDC is the QUALITY, we offer. We want every person to have access to clean and affordable drinking water. And what drives us towards this goal is our PASSION to constantly move from 'Consumer Satisfaction' to 'Consumer Delight'.

We believe that a good LEADER controls the overall growth of a team. From treating all team members with dignity, recognizing their strengths to constantly keeping them motivated. To come up with the best work, CO-OPERATION, effective communication within all team members and TRANSPARENCY in every action is required. Any success without INTEGRITY is as good as failure.